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Taking Shape


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released April 26, 2015

[Sasha Mamaev] – guitar, bass, vocals, keys, synths, saxophone, sampling, percussion
[Gábor Tokár] – drums, percussion, production, sampling, synths

Lyrics by: Mamaev
Music by: GONSOFUS

Recorded in SMT Studios (Bernolakovo, Slovakia) by Marek Sasko and Martin ‘Baky’Bakoš

Mixing: Sasko / Mamaev / Tokár / Bakoš
Mastering: Sasko
Artwork: Kriss Sagan

Thank you,
Mamaev family, Tokár family, Viktor Schramek, Kriss Sagan, HugeSpot, Tono Gúth, Slečna Pani Paula, La3no, Marek Sasko, Baky…..

Everyone who contributed.
Everyone who inspired.
You know who you are.



all rights reserved


GONSOFUS Bratislava, Slovakia

Transcontinental groove. BOOM!

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Track Name: Too Good
I like it when you stand by my side
You’ve got that kind of love that keeps me satisfied
Like a déjà vu you come on my mind any time you leave
And that this time’s forever I cannot believe

It’s too good – good like gold
And I can’t let you go

I can show you all the things that I’ve seen
I could teach you all I know
You could learn to express how you feel
In a tongue that isn’t yours.

I could learn how to smile like you do
When it’s only with your eyes
We can get away, from the way that
We keep living with this love in disguise

It’s too good – good like gold
And I can’t let you go

I got your love flowing though my veins
Flow through my arteries straight to my brain
Track Name: Like It Hot
I like it hot,
Don’t want it cold,
To give you every bit of love that you can hold.

I like it hot,
And truth be told,
The sunny weather treats me better than the cold.

Now when I’m kickin' around - I’m kickin' around your town
I see you walking around - I see you walking around
The way you move your fingers through your wavy hair,
The way your body cuts the thickness of the air.

Now I know I gotta be careful with your charms
Cuz you might just be a witch in which case I’d be alarmed
If you’re the kind that leads a man astray
Still when I see then, then I’ve got to say
Track Name: Love In My Soul
For you I got love in my soul,
That much I know.
When I see you movin, when I see you groovin I know.

Now when I saw you, spinning round and round
Looking in my eyes, I was making the sound
I didn’t know then that the past was there
Hidden in the dark brown waves of your hair

Now we were, just a couple questions in the air
Waiting for the answer that was already there
Waiting for the future to become the past
But making every moment last

Now oh no here I go, when I’m kickin’ it with my flow
Lone wolf to the bone – I roam alone
So I don’t know if I believe what I see
Or just see what I believe
But you got me high of this love
Hiding the flowers in my sleeve
A hard muse to amuse – a tough witch to bewitch
Dreams to be dreamt – not no heart to stitch
Cuz when I see you – my face grows a grin
I love it when you say “I’m in”.
Track Name: Veter (Wind)
Ветер разбежавшись споткнулся о порог моих надежд.
Я его не обижал не бранил,
Я его оберегал и хранил,
Он окреп и сбежал в мир улыбок и ярких одежд.

Расскажи про меня в тёплых краях!
Ведь обида не стоит гроша
Оглянись – наша жизнь хороша
Те – кто за – те поймут, а кто против закроют глаза

Ветер улетая оставил мне немножко себя
Три листа все в словах – на полу
Все о том что я жить не могу
В бесконечной зиме – в вечных сумерках яркого дня

Расскажи про меня в тёплых краях
Track Name: Music Takes You Higher
Like a rock ricochet – off time rhyme
When we hit the stage, man, it’s right on time
I devote what I write and what I wrote
To the ones who were dope
Made you choke with their punch line

Between a hunch and a fact there’s a fine line
Gotta try to find what’s good and it takes time
Physical discipline and a strong mind
Find your groove and you’ll move flying mile high

Music takes you higher
Let’s you lose control
Let it light your fire
Feel it for yourself – it’s in your soul.

Helping people get away from all the ghetto ways
And once the groove is in your soul you know it’s there to stay
Feeling better every day.
Got the record? Let it play.
Move and dance your fears away
And if I had one thing to say,
I’d say that we should be as free as we can be when

Music takes you home like a compass – wherever you roam
Never feel alone when the groove’s in your dome.
When you play you practice – sharp like a cactus
And everything you’re doing people feel it to the bone.
Lone ranger – you’ll never be a stranger, if real emotion made ‘ya
It doesn’t matter if you rock in minor or major
Don’t let the people change you align or arrange ‘ya
When the love is deep in your soul you know.
Track Name: No Se Vaya
Early summer sunset – color of caramel
Two lonely hearts beating perfectly parallel.
Love me now – love me later – love me how you want
Even though we had to part – never thought it’d hurt my heart.
And when you left you took a piece with you,
Now I wonder if what’s left is still at peace with you.

Now when I see you in the morning – fresh juice, cigarette
Not sure what it is I feel but I’m feeling it.
You don’t have to go - just stay,
Time doesn’t matter when we’ve got all day
Words were never really necessary
And you couldn’t hear a thing over me
Mixing fruits and berries in the blender
So many subtle little things I remember.

But now you’re long gone –
Miss you like the dawn misses bird song
But I stay steady on the mic cuz I rock strong
And I know it’s been some time –
But you still show up in my rhyme
Now when I see you then I’ve gotta see it through,
So I’ll see you when I see you and
I’ll know just what to do – well,
For now I’ll say it cuz it’s coming from my pen,
Never know what would have been if I had said it then.

No se vaya, señorita, de mi lado..
Track Name: Vibrations
Trouble, trial, and tribulations
Elegant vibrations – to the other side
No one shows you your direction
But if you pay attention – the light is always right

Let your good vibes shine – let them meet mine
See the world change when we feel fine
Just a couple little keys that we must find
But still you don’t control your thoughts with your mind.
Your energy your body can hardly confine
Weave through your limbs like a grapevine
Your journey though the universe will align
To the pattern engraved in your lifeline.

In your palm deep in your skin
Things that don’t come from within

As I cruised on in high, by default and desire
Saw you slide by in the side of my eye
And I thought that the universes do collide
Cuz I felt like I knew you but I didn’t know why
And it’s not the time, or it’s not aligned,
Or it’s but a silly little trick of the mind
Brain’s but a silly little box full of thought
Trying to understand what your energy brought me

Thoughts of color green and blue
Lead my quest for something true

Still I cannot find the answers
You hide in your eyes
For eyes cannot find the answers.

Trouble, trial, and tribulations
Elegant vibrations – to the other side
No one shows you your direction
But if you pay attention – the light is always right
Track Name: Sueño
Sueño con el cariño
Que yo no encontré.
Dime que ya no te falto,
Quitame las cadenas de fé

Sueño - sueño cada día que ya no te veo.
Desapareces entre las rayas,
Te grito que ya no te vayas.

Sueño con el cariño
Que yo no encontre.
Dime que ya no te falto,
Quitame las cadenas de fé.

Mira como cambias - colores del mar
Cada vez la veo en ti pongo a pensar
Track Name: Far Away
Now I know that you go, when the winter winds blow,
Far away you’ll go-go-go.
And I know that the wind and the cold and the snow
They make you really lose your flow.
Still I wanna get higher but my internal fire,
These days it burns so low.
So I would appreciate just a bit of your love
We can take it slow.

When January comes you’ll go far away.
Not for the sake of your heart – it’s art.
It’s the songs that I sing when you must depart,
If I let you be the poison running through my every artery.
Every piece of art it needs a martyr – see
It doesn’t need to be a bleed –
Simple brain bruise will do the deed
And I’m gonna skip this part,
Kick it straight from the heart,
I like it more together than apart.


To reach a piece of mind,
To love and not define,
To live your novel page by page.
A sequel in the shape
To which we all relate
The knowledge of eternal change.
A life that’s in between
The somber and serene
The harbor and the port and the bay
To catch the winds of time
Rewind and redefine
And let your consciousness lead the way.

Far away – far away
On the frequencies of fear there’s just no reason to stay.
Far away – far away
Rise and resonate and let your energy play